Upsets That Mark the Difference.

One of the things I consider to be really funny about NHL Playoffs and Conference finals is the fact that always brings unexpected results. Suddenly, the team that has all odds against surprises you with a very damaging upset by sites that predict football matches correctly.

Say, in other sports like NFL or NBA you can expect to see the same teams every year with a minor variant reaching the finals after the playoffs and even winning the season. But in NHL that’s not a certain truth; where the team thought to win could end with the most awful defea not in NHL, where you always can find variants so progressive that could confuse even the most hardcore and experimented handicappers.

Knowing this fact, let’s see a small review of some of the most shocking upsets in the NHL of some soccer prediction sites.

2001, during the Quarter finals, Detroit Red Wings were the second seeded, and they met with the seventh seeded Los Angeles Kings. In Game 2 Wings scored 4 0 over Kings; but in Game 3 and 4 Los Angeles tied the series by winning both. Later on Game 5 the Kings took the lead winning 3-2 just to finish them on Game 6 with a repeated score of 3 2 taking Detroit out; Los Angeles were victorious on the first round, however they later lost against Colorado Avalanches…but the damage was done.

2003 Western Conference Semi-finals, after dealing with Colorado Avalanche; the sixth position Minnesota Wild aimed for third seeded Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks won 3 2 in the Games 3 and 4 being the last one in OT; but Wild made an ass-kicking comeback in game 5 with 7 2. Then they won again in Game 6 with 3 1, but as if weren’t enough; in Game 7 Minnesota made another upset winning by 4 2. The Wild guys made two impressive comebacks; sadly that they lost to the Ducks at the WC Finals.

2006 Western Conference Semi-finals fifth seeded San Jose Sharks against eight seeded Edmonton Oilers. The Sharks has won the first two games by 2 1 over the Oilers, but in Games 3 and 4 the guys from Edmonton tied the series with two statement wins. The Oilers started winning Game 3 with a score of 3 2 in triple overtime. In Game 4 and 5 the Oilers won 6 3 and was the first time a road team had won a game in the series. Edmonton put San Jose away with a 2 0 on Game 6. The Edmonton Oilers through football predictions playoff run was terminated by the Carolina Hurricanes at the Stanley Cup Finals losing in seven games.

2009 Eastern Conference Quarter-finals, New Jersey Devils are third seeded, versus sixth seeded Carolina Hurricanes. Both teams intercalated wins on the first six games. Hurricanes won Game2 by 2 1 while the Devils won Game 3 by 3 2; both over timed. New Jersey managed to tie the score in Game 4 after being down 3-0. Overtime was denied by Hurricanes Jussi Jokinen when he scored the winning goal at just 0.2 seconds left in regulation. This it’s the latest game-winning regulation goal on Stanley Cup playoff history. In Game 5, the Devils won 1 0, but at Game 6, Hurricanes won by 4 0 turning the scores at their favor. Game 7 was decisive, the Devils were winning 3 2 with 2 minutes left to finish. One minute and twenty seconds left, Jokinen tied up the game 3 3. With all the conditions pointing to other overtime game; at minute 19:28 a surprising goal made by Hurricanes Eric Staal take down the Devils in less than two minute Now, that’s an Upset!

2010 Eastern Conference Quarter finals, The Washington Capitals stand at the top seed position and Montréal Canadiens are the lowest seed. Each team started the series with overtime winnings. On Game 1; Montreal scored 3 2 over Washington. The Capitals claimed retribution with a victory on Game 2 of 6 5. It was in Game 5 when everything turned downhill for the Capitals, the Habs won 2 1. They also claimed victory in Game 6 winning by 4-1. On game 7, Montréal scored and held the 1 0 until the last three minutes and half, when Dominic Moore added another goal to finish the game with 2 0 over Washington. The Habs didn’t finish there, they also upset the defending champions Penguins in the semi-finals, but like the other teams of this tale, and they were eliminated, succumbing before Philadelphia Flyers at the EC Finals.

2011 Eastern Conference Semifinals, Once again we have the Washington guys at the top, this time against the fifth seeded Tampa Bay Lightning. Game 1 The Capitals take the lead 2 1; but at the Bolts tie the game on the second and add 2 goals more at the third period winning 4 2. At Game 2 the Tampa guys win by 3 2 over Washington and start leading the series. Game 3 once more, the Caps take the lead of the game with 3 2 but like in the last games, Tampa turn the table and win 4 3 putting the Caps on the edge. On Game 4, the Lightning boys took the lead on the second period and held it finishing the game with a victory of 5 3 over the Caps and taking the Washington guys to home once more.

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